About Us

When we first started Vapor Tech Hawaii e-liquids, we decided to take our time. We have put a lot of effort in perfecting mixes and finding the finest ingredients to produce the best quality tasting liquids for your vaping pleasure. And that was just the beginning.

We then invested countless hours mixing and matching flavors, testing and re-testing formulas until our objective of excellence and great taste was achieved for each and every flavor.

Being based in Hawaii, we also decided to add a tropical touch in the majority of our mixes, so that you too might share in the wonderful feeling that is the magic of the islands.

Our goal, and promise to you, is to always deliver the best tasting U.S.A. made eJuice that we possibly can, and that your experience with us is one of enjoyment and satisfaction.

So we invite you to give us a taste, and experience the flavor and delight of our finely crafted gourmet e-liquids, humbly offered from us to you.


E Komo Mai, Aloha and Mahalo
(welcome, greetings, and thank you)
Vapor Tech Hawaii